Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decorating the kid's rooms!

Yesterday I decided to paint a couple of rooms. I wanted to finish Alex's room. I knew what I wanted to do the minute he was out of the nursery. SPORTS!! Alex loves any kind of ball. He loves to kick them, hit them, and throw them. His first try with a bat he hit about 65% of the balls that we pitched to him and that was a few months ago. Maybe he sees how much mom and dad enjoy playing and it has rubbed off, I dont know!!! This room definetly fits him!I took these this morning right after Alex got up.
The dresser has balls for handles and even the picture frames are shapes of different balls.
Alex just discovered the footballs on the side of his nightstand!
So the pictures below are of our new nursery!!!!
If you can't tell we are expecting a girl!
We were picked by a another wonderful birthmom a few weeks ago. She is due Sept. 22 and if all goes well we will have someone to enjoy our newly finished nursery. We are excited for the new addition!
The butterfly's have a stream of crystals behind them!
This is the close up of the crystals. I put each individual crystal on after I cut it apart. It took me a very long time just to do the crystals. They are quite subtle after you get them on and it actually looks really good all finished.


Liz said...

VERY PRETTY! :) Good luck! Can't wait for you to get your new baby!!!