Thursday, December 18, 2008


Kayla had her 4 month appointment earlier this week. She is doing really good. At her 2 month she was barely on the charts. . .like the 5th %. Now she is 25% and 50%. She is just over 14 lbs. She is still a peanut but seems big to us. Considering she is about 10 lbs more then the day she was born . . .she is huge. It is weird to think that at 2 months she was barely bigger then what Alex was the day he was born. At 4 months Alex was closer to 20 lbs. I need to go look and see because I wouldn't doubt if he was 20lb +. Anyway, our little angle is growing up really fast. This week we figured out that Kayla is ticklish. She has a cute little giggle!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Alex loves to wrestle with Daddy! He likes to wrestle with anyone that will wrestle with him actually. He loves to rough house. He is such a typical boy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Erik started to record Alex because he was being hilarious. Well Alex saw the camera and wanted it and quit being so darn funny. He started to throw a temper tantrum because he wanted the camera so bad. Erik got the whole thing on tape. We watched this about 5 times in a row and I could not stop laughing. It wasn't funny the first time when it actually happened but every time after we all laughed. Even Alex laughed. Alex would tell us what happened and try to act it out and then he would say thats funny! Now don't think we are abusive for finding this funny. Please let me know if you thought it was funny too or if it is just us being the parents and being bias.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kayla's 4 month!

I decided to record Kayla for her 4 month pictures. She was dressed so cute and I thought it would be fun. I need to catch her when she is happy because she is so cute when she tries to talk to us. She mostly blows spit bubbles but it is dang cute. She is happy but not willing to perform in front of the camera!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boo hair. . .Christmas decor!

I gave Kayla boo hair (Mosters, Inc.) and had to take a picture. Then Alex decided he wanted to hold her. The picture with his hand over her eyes is him protecting her from the paparazzi. He kept saying no eyes! He is a funny little boy. Kayla will be 4 months old this Friday. Where has the time gone. She is a great baby. . .she is sleeping through the night, rolling over, smiling and razzing. She is a mamas girl right now but I have a feeling that in a year or so she will be daddys girl. I love the thought of that. . . every daddy needs a daddys girl!

This is my house as decorated as it is going to get. I havnt decorated for the last 2 years because we are always in Idaho. . . I know, I know, lame excuse. I decided that since Alex is getting older I need to get the traditions rolling. He helped me decorate the tree and put it up. Yes it is a fake. He would hand me the branches and I would say "Thank you Alex" after about 3 branches he would say "Thank you Mommy" He loves to help. He also helped me put the ornaments on the tree. I think this helped him keep from touching them. He has only touched them once and ended up breaking one. He has not touched it since. He also helped me wrap the picture frames. Well he put the bow on. . . the best part, RIGHT!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

4 staples in Alex's head!

We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving to visit Erik's side of the family. We stayed with a couple of different cousins while we were there. Well we were staying with Eriks's cousin Kim and her family. She has 2 boys who are 9 and 10 years old. They had a cousin visiting that is 12 years old. They were so good to Alex. The problem was that ALex thought he was as big as them and he kept getting hurt trying to wrestle and play with them. He would run down there long hall crying that the boys were picking on them. I said if you can't be tough then don't play with them. Then I would ask if he wanted to go back and play. . . he always said yes. Well the boys came up with this brilliant idea for a good time. They put a blankent on the floor with a pillow and one of them would hold Alex while the other 2 dragged them down the long hall. Alex loved it. Well one of the boys decided to try it by himself just pulling Alex without anyone else. I am not sure exactly what happened but Alex's head ended up catching a corner and it was cut open. We ended up running him to the emergency room where they put 4 staples in his head! He was so tough in there. He didn't cry until they started to clean the wound and the liquid started to drip down his face. "who cares about the needle and the 4 staples they used but the liquid was horrifying" When we got home those boys felt soooo bad. I told them accidents happen and that it wasn't anyones fault. They were good to let Alex play with them and they were trying to be good to him. All 3 of those boys are really good boys.

Anyway, other then that we had a great time in Missouri. Erik's family is wonderful. . . every single one of them. We liked Missouri so muc that we are thinking about moving there. Erik wants to move there in the next 3 years. Who knows what the future will hold.