Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st day of Pre-school!

This is the pre-school that Alex is attending this year.

He was so excited he jumped out and put his backpack on and ran ahead of me!

When we got there they had a little circle time and let the parents stay for 10 min.
Miss Joany would ask questions and Alex would answer them out loud. I am so proud of my little man!

This was him running around the car this morning avoiding the camera. It quickly became a game. I snapped probably 20 pictures.

This was right after breakfast. He was checking out his new backpack and all the cool pockets it had. He picked this backpack out all by himself. I think that is one of the reasons he likes it SO much!

Walking to the car.

Running out of the house ready to go

I can't believe my little man is already old enough to go to pre-school . I remember the day we got the phone call telling us he was born. It really does feel like yesterday. I remember so clearly driving the 3 hours to the hospital. Those 3 hours seemed like a life time. I remember holding him in my arms for the first time, what a precious moment that was. Now he is my big 3 year old going to school. He LOVES school. I think he would go every day if we would let him. I asked him how his day went and he said "we had snacks" I said well what did you do? "we had snacks" I asked him a few other questions but he only said they had snacks. LOL I then asked him things like did you play with play dough, read books, draw. . .etc. . .and he said yes. They end the day playing outside at the playground. I love that they do that because their last memory of the day will be playing so he will always be excited to go back.

Kayla is 13 months!

She is such a happy delightful baby girl!

She loves to blow kisses!

Kayla turned 13 months just a few days ago.
  1. She is not walking yet but I think she knows how. Once she takes off there will be no stopping her. She barely hangs onto our hands when we help her walk. If we let go she stands really well until she realizes that we let go. . . and then down she goes. She lacks the confidence to walk is all.
  2. She still only has 2 teeth. I wish the others would start coming in. She has a rash on her face. . . which I am sure is from the teething.
  3. She has said her first sentence. She says "don't touch it" loud and clear! One day she was getting into the garbage so I yelled don't touch it. . . she started yelling back and pointing her finger at me. I got it on video so I have proof. . .and sometimes she will say her line for you if asked!
  4. She can climb up and down the stairs by herself. . .the child gate is gone!
  5. She loves her dog Lola. I think she is confused though. . .she kind growls, almost snorts to mimic Lola! She doesn't really do the barking noise anymore. Maybe that is because Lola sounds like a pig and not a dog! (PUG)
  6. Kayla is "grandma's girl" If grandma Audrey is around no one else gets to hold her. She will be with grandma until we make her leave grandma. (even me) I am just glad she loves her so much . . . I don't mind sharing!
  7. She is the happiest in the morning. I love getting her in the morning. She is usually just sitting in her crib playing. When I swing the door open I get the biggest grin and she reaches for me. . . it melts my heart every time.

There are a zillion more things but this will be it for now. We love you Kayla!

Video disaster


My kids got a hold of the video shelf! They couldn't leave even 1 movie on the shelf. (and yes Alex is naked. . . we try to keep the clothes on but they eventually come off)
This goes to show you that you can't leave them alone for even a minute!

Tie Dye

Alex's shirt!
Erik's shirt

My 3 shirts!
We went to our friends Chris and Christy Speak to tie Dye. It was soooo much fun. We helped Alex tie his shirt and then he dyed his all by himself. We had a garbage bag on him with gloves to keep him from being the one dyed. Kayla got passed around to all the adults while we took our turn tie Dying. Good Times!