Sunday, May 25, 2008

Petting Farm!

There is a petting farm up in Wisconsin about an hour away from us. You can buy food for the animals and walk around and feed them. THe kids love it.
Goats are pretty aggresive little animals when they want food. I had to watch Alex's fingers pretty close so they wouldn't bite them off.

There are even deer to feed which is really cool. When you feed them they become your best friend and follow you around through the whole farm.
We had our friends daughter Olivia with us that weekend so I was able to practice having 2 kids. (It isnt that hard.)
Alex liked holding the little bunnies.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

I made Alex a sports themed cake. This was my practice run the day before. I actually ended up putting the balls on top of a chocolate cake. I was going to make everyone individual cakes but it was taking way to much time to decorate them. I thought they turned out pretty cute.
Alex blowing out his candles. He wasn't getting them to blow out so he started spitting at them.
He gets very excited about the little things. It is really fun to watch things through his eyes. I believe we were singing to him here.We got Alex a bike and helmet for his birthday. He was so excited! Erik was helping him put it together but the problem was we didnt have any tools. GO ERIK!!! He is a demo guy and doesnt have any tools around the house. Well after this I went and go my own tool set. I told him it was a mothers day present from him and Alex, to me. I think I am going to buy some crystals to glue on the tools to make them look all girly so he isnt tempted to take them.

We had a great birthday for Alex. We invited his aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa, and some friends. We made tacos (cinco de mayo) and had cake! We cant believe he is already 2.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

About Us!

Everyone keeps saying we need to start a blog so here goes. This is a picture of Alex right before his second birthday. He is the love of both of our lives. Erik and I were married in Nov. 2001. We decided we would not prevent having kids and leave it up to the lord. After about 4 years we decided we needed to do more on our part to start our family. We were actually looking into fertility and started seeing some specialists. Well one day my girlfriend asked me to come and watch her beautiful baby girl that they adopted. When I arrived my friend "Christy" said guess what? . . .I just got off the phone with my aunt and she said she knows of a baby that will be born and the mother is placing him for adoption. (This was back in March.) She proceeded to tell me that Olivia, her daughter, was still just a baby and she wasnt quite ready for another. I just listened to her and then I said well if you dont want him I do. Erik and I had talked about adoption but never took it seriously. He really wanted to try for our own first. Christy said she was hoping I would say that. She got out her adoption book so I could look through it. I cried all day while I looked. I knew my biggest challenge would be getting Erik to say yes to adoption. Well after praying and looking at this book I decided to give him a call. He said "yes" without hesitation. I was somewhat shocked but new this was the path we should take for now. We continued talking to the birthmom for a few months. In July she called us with some bad news, the baby had died in the womb. I was sooo sad. How could this be. Christy continued to encourage me and I kept working on getting our adoption papers done. I spread the word quickly that we were trying to adopt. On Dec. 19 we were called into our agents office. I thought it was for more paperwork and interviews. He began asking us questions that made me a little suspicious. After about 30 min he said the real reason you are here is because you have been chosen. The birthmom is here now and would like to meet you. I was overcome with so many emotions. I was nervous and anxious and upset at Erik because he looked like he just got off of a job site (which he did) and we were at an interview. MEN!!!! When the birthmother walked in I could not believe my eyes, it was a friend that we met through a mutual friend. When we first moved to Minnesota Erik introduced me to some of his friends, Rand and Victoria. We love spending time with both of them. I actually was invited by Victoria to go golfing with a bunch of her friends a few months before. The birthmom was there to. So back to the story, when she walked in I began to cry. I knew instantly what was going on. Erik on the other hand was wondering why she was there. MEN!!! We waited until May 5th, 2006 and that is when our little miracle was born. He is such a joy in both of our lives and we cant imagine having any other child in our home.
Right now we are trying to adopt again. I am hoping to be able to add the new additions story shortly.
For now we have a healthy happy 2 year old boy. We couldnt have done better ourselves!