Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter week!

On Sunday afternoon, my sister-in-law and I watched the kids so that Erik, Ross, Jakk, and Audrey could go and visit Larrie. I think they should get together more often. What a good looking bunch of people!

As soon as everyone showed up at the house, Trish and I went up to the park to hide the eggs for the kids. WE were lucky that no one was around the park that morning. When we were almost finished, I called Erik and had them walk with the kids to come and hunt for eggs.

Kayla loved looking for eggs.

Alex looking for eggs!

Here's another one Dad!

I see it Dad!

The kids sat here for awhile looking in their eggs and eating candy. I then reminded them there was a park behind them if they wanted to go and play!
(L-R Gavin, Blake, Alex, Kayla, and Erik)

Okay boys, that is your last piece of candy! LOL (I believe that is what Jakk was telling them)

My sweet little princess!

Grandma Audrey got a basket too!

Trish came over with Cole a few times this week. My kids loved him. They were constantly in his face. Cole really likes Alex, he laughs whenever Alex laughs! SO cute!~

Cole is getting tired of the exersaucer!

This is at the park we went to on Tuesday last week. "Chutes and Ladders"

Alex and his friend Reese coming out of the slide, one right after the other!

I snapped a few pics of the park so you could see it!

Kissing my baby!

I loved her hair this day so I had to get a picture.

One of her lovely temper tantrums! Yes I did say one of them. She likes to get her way and when she doesn't she will lay down and kick and scream. It use to be cute, now the cuteness is fading!

This is Alex playing with his cousin Cole!

This is Kayla doing the actions to a primary song. She is so dang cute!