Friday, February 18, 2011

Whats going on.

This is mostly going to be a written post. I decided to throw on some pictures of the kids because I personally like looking at blogs with lots of pictures. It has been a long winter and we are all ready for the spring and summer to arrive. Alex is in his second year of pre-school and doing fabulous. A few months ago we decided that we would like to put Alex in a Montessori School. If you don't know much about them, google it and check it out. Well in my research around here the tuition was just too high for us. It ranged from $600-$1000 a month. At that point I decided that we would have to put him in regular kindergarten. I was bummed out about this because I felt so strongly about wanting him in the Montessori school. Well one of my friends said there was a Montessori school in St. Paul that would be taking a # of students for free grades k-2nd. So we went to the open house to learn more and we applied. They were taking 24 extra kindergartners and if any more applied then it would go into a lottery and it would be the first 24 drawn. We of course didn't tell very many people so that his chances of getting in would be better. Only 24 kids applied so he got in and my friends son got in. I am excited about that because her son and Alex have gone to 2 years of preschool together. Also we can carpool to the school. The other great thing is, now that Alex is in Kayla will get in because it is preference.
Alex has been taking swim lessons since last day a week. Last week his teacher said he is doing so well and he is ready to move up. I was so excited. I watched his first lesson in the new class. There is only one other child in this class and that child didn't come this last week so Alex got a private lesson. AWESOME! So I watched him, and man was I impressed. He is doing so good. He can swim 10-15 feet on his own, both on his front and on his back. I couldn't stop smiling. Right now the things Alex likes to do guns. He got a few Nerf guns for Christmas and he and Dad play guns all the time. he also really likes to play go fish, war, and match with cards. He is really good with his #'s right now. He still likes to be outside any chance he gets. Kayla is our real life little princess. This girl loves to wear dresses, everyday, she wants her nails painted, everyday, and she likes her hair done like a princess. When it is time to do her hair I ask her which princess she wants to look like. It actually was a way for me to be able to do her hair without her complaining. She loves to have tea parties. She talks about tea parties after having a play date with her friend Hannah, or after the gym. So for Valentines day I got her a cute little princess tea set. She loves it. We have had our fair share of tea parties around here. She also really likes her princess dolls, her doll house and her kitchen she got for Christmas. Lately I have been buying the Disney Princess movies on VHS. I have found them for $1 each. She was requesting to watch princess movies that we didn't have so I being the sucker that I am, caved and went out and got them. Kayla is such a sweet heart. If I have been gone for even an hour, as soon as i get home she runs to me and says "I missed you so much" with a huge hug. She is talking so good. She can say just about anything. I understand everything perfectly. Some people have a hard time understanding her and need me to translate for her. The big news is Kayla is fully potty trained. YAY! No more diapers. Well just at night. Even during her naps she is keeping her diaper dry. She is wearing big girl underwear and in the beginning after a couple of accidents I would tell her the princess and Dora underwear were sad when she peed on them. Soon she would put on clean underwear and say "I not pee her" "she be sad" Oh this little girl melts my heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her so much. The other night I was having a rough night and needed to get a good cry in. Kayla saw me and said "mom, I be right back okay" She ran to the bathroom and got a tiny piece of toilet paper, not even a square, and brought it to me. She said "this is for your eyes". She is so thoughtful.
We have been so blessed in our lives with these 2 awesome kids. They are a perfect fit for our little family. I am so grateful that they are a part of our lives. How lucky are we!