Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White Water Rafting 2007!

These are out of order a little bit but you can see what is going on. I believe this was 2 summers ago. Summer of 07. My friend finally sent these to me. . . I have been asking for these pictures off and on for the last year. So on this particular raft trip we had about a dozen of us in the raft. I did not know everyone. My sister and a couple of our friends were on board. The newbies did not know what they were doing. We told them that we had to paddle through the big rapids or we would flip. . . did they listen. . . NO! So what happened. . . we flipped the raft. It was an exciting trip to say the least. I have done this hundreds of times so I had no fear. . . we did have couple of rookies that were a little scared. Overall it was a great day. This is one of the reasons I have to get out to Idaho/Wyoming each summer. The sad thing is, we probably won't make it out there this year.

Flipping. . .

Just before we flipped!

before the flip. . .

Whoa these are way out of order. . .

flipping. . .

flipping. . .

lots of flipping. . .

right before the flip. . .

flipping. . .

flipped!!! Its about time!

Where did everyone go?

Some were a little nervous here . . .

There we all are!

Counting heads!

Who is missing?

Looks like everyone is here.

That was awesome!

Where are all the paddles?

The paddle is your ticket back into the raft. Before we leave we tell everyone that if you fall out the only way back in is with the paddle.

We are holding paddles up and counting!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kayla is 7 months today!

Where has the time gone. Our little (I mean little) bundle is growing up way to fast. Today is her 7 month mark. I can not believe how time has flown by. She is doing incredible, especially when you consider she was a preemie. They said I would probably have to compare her to her actual due date when it came to mile stones but she is right on task. She is keeping up with all the babies her age. She is 7 months old today and is going to be crawling any day. She scoots around the floor really good and can get to anything she wants.

She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She is so ready to move. I think it helps that she has a big brother that she is trying to keep up with. WOW! 7 months ago she could probably fit in a shoe box, her preemie clothes drowned her, she was just so little. Look at her now.
At her 6 month appointment she weighed just over 17lbs and was about 25 inches long. Our little girl is growing up way to fast. She started on baby food last month and eats everything that we put in front of her. I have not tried fruit yet because I want her to really like the vegetables first. . . and she does. This month I will add a few fruits to see what she thinks. She loves crackers. I think she likes that she can feed herself. She also is starting to hold her own bottle. She is amazing and we are blessed to have her. HAPPY 7 MONTHS KAYLA!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More pics of the kids!

Daddy and Kayla hanging out before we go to church!

Kayla loves her Daddy!

Don't you just love her little outfit. Grandma Audrey got us the jacket.


Every time I would try and take Kayla's picture this is what I would get. Alex says my turn to smile. It works perfect because is the only time he willingly lets us take a picture!

See Kayla in the background. She is trying so hard to crawl right now. Any day and she will be moving every where. Time to break out the baby gates!

I kind of got one!

Alex being silly! I was trying to take pictures of Kayla again and he jumped in front of me!

I was focused in on Kayla when Alex jumped in front and this is the shot I got!

Her new little dress she wore last Sunday for church. She has cute little pigtails with cute little bows in her hair.

Alex is helping dad fill up the jug with hot water. They needed it for hot chocolate. Erik helps with the young men at church and they were going sledding that evening for an activity. He decided to let Alex come along. He said that Alex loooovvvved sledding. They would get down the hill and he would say again, again, again! Erik said they started out on the baby hill, then they got brave and went down a bigger hill. . .then an even bigger hill. After going down the bigger one the people in charge said they didn't recommend them going again. Erik said they got going pretty fast. Alex had a blast.

This is a time he doesn't want his picture taken!

Outside waiting to leave with dad.
Tired of waiting for dad and already playing in the snow. He is wearing dads hat! It is a little big on him.

This is Alex and Kayla playing together. You can see what I mean by "they adore each other"!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tag~~Things that make me happy!

I have been tagged. . . I need to name 6 things that make me happy! Thanks Hope and Deanne!

1. My 2 beautiful kids.
2. My marriage to my husband Erik!

3. Good friends! (This is a picture of my Senior Class, I thought it would be funny to add. The point it that it is nice to have a lot of good friends)

4. The Tetons. The mountains make me really happy. They are one of the things that make me sad to be in Minnesota. That and of course my family and friends from back home.

5. My beliefs.

6. And of course sports. Right now Volleyball is the sport that makes me the happiest. I love the game and I love playing the game. Anything active has always made me happy.
Now I tag anyone who wants to be tagged.