Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What a week we have had!

Monday we went to the zoo all day long! The kids had a great time. I met about 4 other parents with their kids and we just took our time letting the kids enjoy every moment.

Tuesday we went to a park called "Chutes and Ladders". It was awesome. I decided to leave my baby Kayla with Grandma so she could get a nap in. Monday was really hard on her because it was such a long day. Well it turns out that Kayla was too much fun for Grandma so she didn't get a nap. That is what Grandma's are for, to spoil those little ones. So we had 2 long days in a row for both of our kids.

Wednesday I decided it was a day to get some laundry done, dishes washed ,and the house cleaned. I put Kayla down at about 1 and Alex played outside. My sister-in-law Trish came over so we sat in the nice warm weather and talked while Alex played in the dirt. He was digging in my flower bed and at one point I asked him what he was doing. He said mom, no don't look over here. . . .look at her, talk to her (her meaning Trish) He is so funny sometimes. Well, Kayla fought her nap. She played in her bed for about 2 hours until I finally got her out. We then got ready and went to the movies. We met with some friends again so Alex went to Chipmunks with his friends and I took Kayla to The Princess and the Frog. They were both showing at the same time. Then we went to and got little Caesars $5 pizza and took it to a park. We ate pizza and played with the kids until almost 8. What a day this turned out to be

Thursday we went to Inver Grove Park to the indoor water park for kids. It is only $3 per kid on Thursday's in the winter. So $6 for all 3 of us. We played for 2 hours in the pool, and then we went outside and played at their playground. I packed a lunch so we ate lunch in between climbing and going down slides.

Friday I took the day off. Alex woke up and asked where we were going to go. I started a new trend that he wants to continue. Now it is Saturday and he wants to go play with his friends again. It is the first thing he says when he wakes up. He is going to love the summer. My house is not going to like me so much this summer, it will be neglected a little with all the playing I am planning to do with my kids. I am excited that Kayla is old enough to enjoy all of these things with us. This year is going to be so much fun for both of them.

Today we are going Easter shopping for our big Easter plans for tomorrow!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


So let me know if you have friends or family that like to look at the blog! If you want, you can give me their addresses too so I can add them as well. I am mostly thinking of Alex and Kayla's birth family's. I know you might have kids, sisters, parents, and even grandparents that like to look. If you want me to add them just send me an e-mail with their addresses. You can also give them your address with your password if you want! Also, if you want me to add you and I haven't yet, it is because I am not sure who you are. Some of you have just said to add you but I only have your e-mail address to look at, and the e-mail isn't clear on who the person is.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Private

Well I have decided to go private with my blog. No offense to you readers that I don't know, but it scares me a little bit to get comments from people I don't know. They are nice comments, but it makes me wonder what other kind of weirdo's are looking at my blog. I have decided this is the safest thing to do for our family. If you would like to continue to look at our blog please send me your e-mail address so I can add you to the list.
you can send it in the comment box or via e-mail or you can send me a private message in facebook.