Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Morning part 1

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas program part 3

Alex's Christmas Program Part 2

Christmas program

This is Alex during is christmas program at school. I will be uploading more but it took half a day to do this part so stay tuned.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Halloween 2010

Kayla Trick or Treating
Alex Trick or Treating
Happy with a caramel sucker!

Face painting at the gyms Halloween party!

Alex playing a game at the gyms Halloween party!

Kayla Playing!

Getting ready to leave the gym!

If you couldn't tell, Alex was batman and Kayla was a butterfly princess. We had a great Halloween. We took the kids to Lifetime's Halloween party in the morning. It was only $2 to get in and they got to play all sorts of carnival games. There was face painting, cookie decorating, free popcorn and cotton candy. The kids had a great time. We also took them to our church party. There they had trick or treating from door to door in the building and more carnival games. Then the night of Halloween we too them out Trick or treating for the first time. We met up with several of the neighbors in our cul De sac and went door to door with them. Alex LOVED it. He was running ahead of us with all of his friends on the street. They hit our cul de sac and the one across from us and their bags were full. Kayla burned out towards the end so we headed home and skipped the last 5 or 6 houses. Alex went back to one of the neighbor kids houses with all of the other neighbor kids so they could go through there candy and see what everyone got. That cracks me up because they went to all of the same houses and probably got exactly the same thing. Kayla was adorable. She would say trick or treat in her sweet little voice and i believe it would melt the heart of anyone who opened the door to her. Almost every door gave her extra candy.

Raking leaves

Notice Kayla is wearing a ballerina outfit. She is always dressing up like a princess!

Alex and Kayla's cousins, Gavin and Blake, came up for a visit this fall. They saw all of our leaves and wanted to help rake them. So I asked our neighbor if we could borrow a couple of rakes. Now each of the boys and myself had a rake. We still needed one more so I improvised and gave Kayla a broom. They helped for a lot longer than i thought they would. Gavin lasted the longest. Alex, Blake, and Kayla ran off to play on the swing set. After we made a few piles they came back to run and jump into the piles. The kids had a blast hanging out with each other.

Visiting Eriks dad

daddy carrying Kayla

. Alex helping Grandma push Papa to the park.