Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

I made Alex a sports themed cake. This was my practice run the day before. I actually ended up putting the balls on top of a chocolate cake. I was going to make everyone individual cakes but it was taking way to much time to decorate them. I thought they turned out pretty cute.
Alex blowing out his candles. He wasn't getting them to blow out so he started spitting at them.
He gets very excited about the little things. It is really fun to watch things through his eyes. I believe we were singing to him here.We got Alex a bike and helmet for his birthday. He was so excited! Erik was helping him put it together but the problem was we didnt have any tools. GO ERIK!!! He is a demo guy and doesnt have any tools around the house. Well after this I went and go my own tool set. I told him it was a mothers day present from him and Alex, to me. I think I am going to buy some crystals to glue on the tools to make them look all girly so he isnt tempted to take them.

We had a great birthday for Alex. We invited his aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa, and some friends. We made tacos (cinco de mayo) and had cake! We cant believe he is already 2.