Friday, July 4, 2008


This is a side of butter that Alex is holding! We went to breakfast with Eriks parents before the parade on the forth of July. We learned on this day that Alex likes butter. . . not on anything just straight from the minnie cute little cup they give you. OOOH!!! It grosses me out just thiniking about him eating that butter.
Before the parade started we went to a little park and let Alex play. This is him going down the slide. There was also a band in the park and some yummy snacky foods. Erik got a snow cone for himself and his dad with the intention of sharing. I think I got to taste it !!!!
Alex waving his flag at the parade being all patriotic!!! He is such a cute little man!
Alex loved the parade. His favorite part was the horses when they went by and the bubble float. There was a float blowing bubbles and I thought I was going to have to join the parade for a minute. He ran out into the street trying to get the bubbles. In the picture above I am collecting cand for Alex (aka: for Erik and Kristina. Alex doesnt actaully like candy....I know wierd little 2 year old)
Alex has figured out that they are throwing candy at him. He decides that the thing to do at a parade is they throw you candy and you throw it back. This is him getting ready to launch a piece of candy back at the parade. Erik and I thought it was pretty funny. He did catch some of the paraders off guard!