Friday, January 2, 2009


Our Family Picture with Santa. Santa comes to grandmas house every year to bring the kids presents and to say hello!

All of the sweet little grand daughters! (under the age of 8 there are many more but they werent here)

The grand kids that were here this year. L to R (Keelee, Porter, Tianna, Keayen, Natalyah, Kayla is on Natalyah, Selah, and Monika. . . .Alex is on the top of the couch refusing the pictures)
We forgot our camera in Idaho so I stole this from my sisters blog. I will post more later when our camera arrives in the mail. Alex was a stinker because he was tired of getting his picture taken. All of the little girls were fighting over who got to hold baby Kayla. I gave Selah and Natalyah the responsibility since they are the older two.
Christmas was very enjoyable. It was fun to get together and be with everyone. It was really fun to show Kayla off. . . I think she was quite a hit. We had to get creative this year with presents because we flew again and didn't want to hall everything back. We got Alex popcorn, Doritos, Milk, a couple of little games and a few other things. The Doritos was the biggest hit. He opened them and said "oh. . . my. . . Gosh" he was so excited. Who needs expensive toys when you have Doritos.
Alex was also a huge fan of Santa Clause. I wasn't sure how he would do this year but he loved him. He wanted to sit on his lap with all of the other grand kids. We had to keep moving him out of the way so the other mommy's and daddy's could get pictures of their kids without Alex's big noggin in the way.
We stayed with cousin Deb and Lance this year. It was a fun change. Very relaxing. We went to my Uncle Kent's and Aunt Janell's a couple of times to help Kent put puzzles together. Overall it was a great Christmas break.


Jen said...

Ya gotta love the age when anything is a good present as long as it is wrapped. - Doritos - I love it! I wish it could be that easy for teenagers . . .
Good to hear that Erik is still workin' on puzzles.
Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

wish we would of been up there! we had plans to come up the sunday after but tayt got sick. :(

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

I remember the year that all Micah wanted was a certain box of golden crisp cereal, of course the box was cool, because we used the big sacks of cereal at the time, but then he needed the box that had the certain prize that he had seen on TV, long story short, we had to find it at a grocery outlet store. Celebrate the dorito's and Santa! I love ya

The Clements Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. How about all that snow? I think that is such a good idea to get visit from Santa. I hope you guys had a great time!

The Neads said...

picture stealer... Cute pics... I wish Kayla would have liked me better so I could have held her more.. I can't hold any babies now because I can't seem to get them comfortable on my big tummy... Alex was a hit on Christmas Eve I do have to say... he is a cutie pie.... We love him to death