Sunday, March 8, 2009

More pics of the kids!

Daddy and Kayla hanging out before we go to church!

Kayla loves her Daddy!

Don't you just love her little outfit. Grandma Audrey got us the jacket.


Every time I would try and take Kayla's picture this is what I would get. Alex says my turn to smile. It works perfect because is the only time he willingly lets us take a picture!

See Kayla in the background. She is trying so hard to crawl right now. Any day and she will be moving every where. Time to break out the baby gates!

I kind of got one!

Alex being silly! I was trying to take pictures of Kayla again and he jumped in front of me!

I was focused in on Kayla when Alex jumped in front and this is the shot I got!

Her new little dress she wore last Sunday for church. She has cute little pigtails with cute little bows in her hair.

Alex is helping dad fill up the jug with hot water. They needed it for hot chocolate. Erik helps with the young men at church and they were going sledding that evening for an activity. He decided to let Alex come along. He said that Alex loooovvvved sledding. They would get down the hill and he would say again, again, again! Erik said they started out on the baby hill, then they got brave and went down a bigger hill. . .then an even bigger hill. After going down the bigger one the people in charge said they didn't recommend them going again. Erik said they got going pretty fast. Alex had a blast.

This is a time he doesn't want his picture taken!

Outside waiting to leave with dad.
Tired of waiting for dad and already playing in the snow. He is wearing dads hat! It is a little big on him.

This is Alex and Kayla playing together. You can see what I mean by "they adore each other"!


The Neads said...

so cute... she is such a doll and I love those flowers you put in her hair.. where did you get them?? My girls loved them too... I want some... I miss Alex he is such a character.. the kids always talk about him.. they like him a lot..

Cody and Jill said...

Such cute kids, I love the flowers that you have in her hair. That is funny that Alex gets in front of the camera.

Melissa said...

oh they are cute! and how fun to already be able to do pigtails in her hair! and i had to crack up about the picture thing with alex, tayt jumps in the picture all the time if he's not included. and i'd love to take your pictures when your close by!

Kaspermania said...

She's growing up to fast!!! I don't approve of that!!! What a cute little girl......I loved the flower too!!
Miss you and the kids!!

Brian and Courtni said...

wow...kayla has totally grown up! how adorable is she with that big smile and darling outfits? love how kids play of my favorite things to watch!