Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is the before shot. This was taken when I went to see my parents in Oct.
Look at that hair. . .she is barely 15 months and I can get it all into pig tails. I actually have put it all in one pony tail.

This is Kayla's hair up close. . . isn't it gorgeous!

I just loved this picture!

14 to 15 inches!

The after shot!
Yep I chopped off my locks. The gal that cut it chopped it to my shoulders at first. Then I told her to go shorter. My hair that I donated was about 14 to 15 inches. Then she cut another 2 or 3inches. So I cut off 17 to 18 inches of hair. What a drastic change it was for me. I have figured out how to pull it back so I can still play sports. I have been itching to cut my hair for several months. Finally it was just time. I have 2 friends that have 16 year old daughters with cancer. We just found out about the second girl back in Sept. I felt like I needed to do something. Some of you probably remember we were trying to raise money for Hannah several months back so I could donate my hair to her. It turned out to be way too expensive, so we gave them the money we had raised to pay bills and do what they needed to do with it. I sent my hair into Locks of Love. My hair dresser said I had enough hair for 2 donations. Well she said enough for 2 wigs. I found out it takes about 5 heads of hair to make 1 wig. So I was able to give enough hair to make about half a wig. The sad part is she only used about half of my hair for those two pony tails. She didn't add the hair on the sides because it was shorter then the back. I have decided that from now on I will grow my hair out really long and then chop it off and donate it! It is only hair and it grows back. Alex was pretty funny. When he saw my hair he told me that I needed to put it back on tomorrow! Then I asked him if he liked it and he said "no"! I love the honesty of children! The cool thing about this new "do" is everyone thinks I look just like my mom! What a compliment!


Nikia, May and the kids said...

with or without the hair, you are such a beautiful person. having a great figure and pretty face helps you out too, but that's besides the point = P

that's the way you start the season of giving. what a very BIG heart you have! don't worry about alex too much. when he grows up, he will be proud to know that his mommy is just as pretty on the inside.

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dyeve said...

I like your blog and interesting posts. made a beautiful job. Keep going, you doing great. Hugs from Romania

ps.cute people,indeed ;)