Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blueberry Princess! and What we are doing now!

Guess who likes blueberries? Likes is an understatement. . .guess who LOVES blueberries??????

Alex likes his picture to be taken only when I am taking one of Kayla. He gets jealous and wants attention too. This was taken in the middle of the blueberry photos! :)

Look at that tongue!

Kayla LOVES blueberries! I can't give them to her fast enough. While out in Idaho mom bought a huge box of blueberries and froze them. So we had blueberries all of the time. Kayla likes them frozen the best. I am sure that is because they feel so good on her gums. She is still teething, as a matter of fact she just barely got her 6th tooth. So when we got back we went and bought some frozen blueberries for her. She still loves them.
Another great milestone for Kayla is that she started walking while we were in Idaho. She was 16 months old when she got up and took off. She decided walking was much for fun. It made my life a lot easier because she loved this new thing she could do. I would sit and watch her walk circles from the kitchen to the living room. She was walking laps around the house. She is now a little more independent which is nice! She also become very fond of baby dolls while we were out there. She would see a doll and think it was hers. If she was able to get it away from the other cousins she would hug her baby and kiss her baby and feed her baby. (we got her little bottles for her baby) She would not let go of the baby dolls.
Alex's vocabulary is getting better everyday. He surprises us sometimes with the things he says. While in Idaho his cousin gave him a picture she had colored. He said "you did this. . . I LOVE IT. . . . you did such a good job. . . .I am soooo proud of you" It was too dang cute! WE are always laughing with the things he comes up with. Just last Sunday we subbed for his sunday school class. It was his first day as a "sunbeam". So after the lesson the kids were just playing. I was holding one of the little girls because she was sad and wanted her mommy. Her name is Claire. . .she said "I miss my mommy" and as I comforted her Alex went and climbed on Erik's lap. He looked sad like she did. But I thought, why would he be sad. . . both Erik and I are in his class today. He then said " I miss Lola. . . waaa haa haa!" We both started cracking up. He just wanted to miss something too, so he said he missed our dog and faked his cry!
Kayla went to a class for her first time last Sunday too! She went to Nursery. One of the gals from church came and took her to nursery for me because we were teaching a class. She did very well and will be ready when she is old enough. She will be 17 months this week so 1 month to go and she will be in nursery.
I am going to try and be better at writing things that happen. I need to treat this blog more like a journal. So many things happen and the older I get the more I forget.


Nikia, May and da kids said...

I'm so glad you posted some pictures of your gorgeous family. I'm glad that you all are doing so well and the kids are growing up doing and saying the funniest things = )

I love that your daughter is smothered in blueberries. What an adorable picture!


Jen said...

Fun to see you back on the blog too. Cute updates of your kids!

Cody and Jill said...

I love your family pictures and what a cute little blue girl you have and what fun

Kaspermania said...

I agree. You should write more of the happenings on your blog. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences at church with the kids.
Alex is a crack up. I love his sense of humor and off the wall comments that he makes.
Keep writing.
Pictures are great too!
You should have taken blueberries home with you. I wanted you to have a couple of packages. They may have been hard to transport but the thought was there.