Saturday, March 27, 2010


So let me know if you have friends or family that like to look at the blog! If you want, you can give me their addresses too so I can add them as well. I am mostly thinking of Alex and Kayla's birth family's. I know you might have kids, sisters, parents, and even grandparents that like to look. If you want me to add them just send me an e-mail with their addresses. You can also give them your address with your password if you want! Also, if you want me to add you and I haven't yet, it is because I am not sure who you are. Some of you have just said to add you but I only have your e-mail address to look at, and the e-mail isn't clear on who the person is.


Nichole said...

I tried to check out your bloggity blog and got locked out. Checked my e mail, there sat my invite! WHEW you got lucky 8-p