Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday KAYLA!

I know I keep saying this but "where has the time gone"???? My baby is 2 years old already. What the heck! So yesterday Kayla turned 2 years old. When she woke up I said Kayla you are 2. She said "no, I one." I said no your 2. and she then argued with me and insisted that she is one. We started the day watching the princess and the frog. She loves princesses right now. So what better way to celebrate then with a princess theme. I made her a castle cake, got her a tiara which she wore for a few minutes at a time through out the day. We went to the gym and they made her a crown....Alex wanted to where the crown. I think he was feeling a little left out. Whenever it is someone else's birthday Alex gets upset and wants it to be his. It is probably a good thing that Erik, Kayla, and my birthday are all close together so Alex can learn than everyone gets a birthday, not just him. We had grandma Audrey, our friends Dan, Christy, and Alaina, and also our other friends Alicia, James and there clan....5 kids and one on the way, all come to the birthday party. It turned out to be a really fun evening.

Kayla was checking out her cake. She loved it. This is her seeing it for the first time. There are two little princesses on the cake that we got her for her birthday. She kept saying pense(princess) and spoon. She is so stinking smart. She wanted the dolls and a spoon to eat the cake.
her face when she saw the cake. Notice she is holding a princess.

The cake!

Kayla after she opened her presents.

Grandma Audrey got her this awesome dollhouse with a bin full of things to go in it. Dolls, beds, furniture, animals, toys. . . .everything you can think of. It was the highlight of the birthday party. All of the kids gathered around at one point and they were all playing with it.

Kayla opening her presents. She also go some dress up jewelry from both of our friends. She is so girly and loves anything girly and anything that is princess like.

Kayla was so cute when we sang to her. You could tell she was loving it and holding back her feels just a hair. She was kind of moving to our off tune song of Happy birthday! She loved having a party just for her. I was really surprised that she knew how to blow the candles out. She surprise us on a daily basis with the things she knows!

The other day we were putting Kayla in the car and i started to count. I said 1, she said 2, I said 3 she said 4, we did this all the way to 10. She must be listening and grasping things while we are teaching Alex. She is starting to say little sentences and tons of little words. She know a few of her colors, like red, blue, yellow, and Pink. She loves pink! See a girlie girl! She pointed at the color white once and told me it was the color milk. She got the fact that milk is white so she was trying to put something else white with it. Every song that i have taught her with actions she learns the first time. She is the sweetest little thing. She has a very tender heart. If I react to quickly when she gets into something that might hurt her she will just melt. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen. Her lip fold up and she gives the saddest little face ever. It is so cute and innocent that my heart melts. I am so grateful for this little angel that is in our lives. She brings me joy on a daily basis. I love to kiss on her and squeeze her any chance I get. I feel so blessed that she came to our home. Kayla, we LOVE you so much and we are glad you are a BIG part of our lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!


Nichole said...

How fun!!!

Jen said...

Yay! So fun to see your blog again. I enjoy reading about the adventures of your little Kayla since they are so similar to ours with our Brynn who's the same age.
Love the cake - you are amazing!

Dannel said...

Kayla is smart! Typically toddlers don't start naming colors till three. I liked the video clips. She is so cute!!

Dannel said...

Sorry, one more thing. HOW did you make that cake?? Incredible!!