Sunday, May 1, 2011


Playing at one of the parks at the zoo.
She is was in a weird mood at the playground. I think she is still cute as heck.

My little chicken

Alex loves the grizzly bears

Grizzly Bears.

Once again I am posting zoo pictures. Everyone better just get use to it because we have a pass and it entertains the kids for hours. They love the zoo. Summer at the zoo is a lot more fun because the kids can play in the fountains and we are outside the whole time. Winter gets a little long unless we get an occasional nice day like this day where we can venture on outside. Lucky for us a big portion of the zoo is indoor.


Kaspermania said...

I so wish we had a zoo like that! I think it would be really fun to get to do those kinds of things! :) Your kids are cute!

Kaspermania said...

for some reason my account is signed in as mom's oops.. that post from mom was actually from me :) haha (Rebecca)