Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tribute to Kayla

Riding a pony at the Renaissance festival

Kayla lets me get her ready almost everyday. She will sit in front of the mirror while I do her hair. She is my real live baby doll!

I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I actually tried to upload some photos from Halloween and it didn't work so I got frustrated and quit. I realized though that I have not blogged since Alex's birthday. Now Kayla's has come and gone and I have not said a word. So here is my tribute to my beautiful 3 year old daughter.

3 years and a few months ago we received an awesome phone call. Our little girl was born 6 weeks early. Her Birth mom called us the day before and let us know her water broke. I was excited she was coming but worried because it was so early. I immediately prayed that she would be okay and that she would be healthy. Early the next morning we were woken up to let us know she had been born. I was so anxious to meet her. We were able to meet her and her birth mom a few hours later. Kayla was only 4lbs 9oz. So little and so beautiful. She was such a precious little bundle. They kept her in the hospital for a week and I visited her as often as I could. With a 2 year old at home that made it difficult, but i made sure I was there every single day. They said they would keep her for 2 weeks, but after one week she was eating and breathing like a champ, so they let us take her home. Right now she is at that fun age where everything she does makes us laugh or smile. Well maybe not everything, the tantrums are not so cute, but everything else is adorable. Kayla has the personality that draws people to her. She has so many people that love her and want to be around her constantly. Her little mind is like a sponge. She absorbs everything she hears. We are surprised but what she knows and what she says. Half the time we have no idea how she knows what she knows. Recently my parents visited from Idaho and one thing they noticed she does is she winks at you. She is a winker and it is so cute to see. Kayla is still a little princess. She loves to play dress up and has almost all the princess dresses. She loves to play dolls and has several of the princess ones.
Another thing she loves to do is anything artsy. She loves to draw, paint, color, cut, glue....really anything. She also has a love for horses. I could not get Alex on a horse to save my life. The first time Kayla saw a horse and could ride it she was just 2 years old. Now she wants to ride them anytime there is one to ride. This makes me wish we lived closer to my parents. We grew up with horses and even though we no longer have them we know enough people who own horses that she would be able to ride one often. I guess we will have to just make sure she gets a ride every time we visit home. Kayla is still at the age where she needs mom. I love this most of the time. She will say mom, I need you, I need you to hold me. I do love this but sometimes I need to get something done and little miss Kayla is under my feet wanting me to hold her or snuggle her. She is starting to love dad as much as mom which I am LOVING. If she gets in trouble she now cries for daddy. Speaking of, she is super sensitive. If you tell her not to do something she may end up in her room with her hands over her eyes crying little soft cries. It is so cute with the lip poked out. Then she may say something like you are mean to me, or you are not my friend. Then I will hug her and explain why she couldn't do whatever it was. She is so sweet. Kayla is also a little comedian. if she can make you laugh she is one happy girl. She loves to make her brother laugh. If she says or does something and he laughs, she will repeat this over and over again just to hear him laugh.

I feel like I am the luckiest mom in the world. I love both my kids so much and they are so perfect for our little family. When people find out that they are both adopted they can not believe it. Then they can't believe that Alex and Kayla are not biologically related. I know that God had a hand in both of our adoptions. They are both my perfect little beings! I love them so much and can't imagine my life without them. Happy 3 years Kayla! I will try and do better at blogging from now on.


Dannel said...

I love that she's a winker! I didn't notice it when I was there which makes me wish I would have. You're kids do look alike and like they belong biologically to you and Eric. Love this post.