Monday, August 11, 2008

Having a Bad Day!

So I was having a very very bad day yesterday. I would take pictures but I am not sure I want proof of how bad it turned out. I am not going to go into details as to why my day was being so aweful. What happened at the end of the day is, or at least will be something to laugh at later on. Most of you who read this will probably laugh now, but right now I am not laughing, my stomach is actually turning sommersalts with nausia. So at the end of my very very bad day I decided to take a hot shower. When I got out I did the normal things like put on lotion and face cream. Well then I picked up my hair trimmer. I have this tiny hair trimmer that is like clippers only smaller. It does have attatchments and stuff. I use it to trim my eyebrows. I always have it on the setting for the length I want my eyebrows trimmed to. Well I got out of the shower venting to Erik about my very, very bad day and I wasnt paying attention to what I was doing. I picked up my hairtrimmer and put it tight tomy eyebrow and then my eyes popped out of my head. Someone had taken the attatchment off (my first guess would be Alex) Yes you guessed it, I shaved my eyebrow right off. I am about to throw up as I relive it right now. Well I had no other choice but to do the same to the other one. I have really thick bushy eyebrows and it would be more obvious to have one real one and one fake one. So because I am a vain person I will be staying away from people I know for a week or two. So that means postponing my trip to Idaho as long as possible. The good news, well I hope it is anyway, is that usually my hair grows really fast. I have to shave my legs daily because the hair grows so fast. I am hoping it is the same with my eyebrows. So those of you from Idaho that want us to come fast better be praying that my eyebrows grow back in a few days.


Brian and Courtni said...

oh my gosh!!!! I'm not laughing, but rather staring at the computer in disbelief. That would be a way to end your bad sorry! On the bright side, today has GOT to be better, right?!

Bryon And Hope said...

not me im lauging my ass off...... i want to see pictures now... of you and your new little addition..thanks love ya tons hoper