Friday, August 22, 2008


Everyone keeps saying that Kayla doesn't look that small, so I decided to show how small she is. This is her next to my shoe, I know I have big feet but she is still tiny. Today we had her first appointment with her pediatrician. She weighs 5lbs 3 oz now. The nurse said she didn't need to see her again for 2 months because she is doing so good, and she is not worried about her at all. She has her monitor but it has not gone off once since we brought it home. She loves to eat and sleep so I don't think we have anything to worry about. I consistantly say prayers after each feeding that she will be okay and continue to progress and I know my prayers are being answered and they are helping. Anyway, the cute bow in Kaylas hair is from cousin Deb, Aunt Janell, and family. They sent us a package today full of fun things. They even sent some things for Alex. Thanks a lot guys!!!! I got the cute little boots at target. We have to keep Kayla warm so I thought cute little mukluks were a great way to do it!


About Us said...

My word, could you have dressed her up any cuter! What a doll Kris, and so small!! Are the paper all signed?

Nichole Jolene said...