Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Kayla, Alex, Zoo, Toys, Butt Paste. . . .


I had to get a picture of Kayla with Lola. We took the same kind of picture with Alex and Lola when Alex was a baby. Actually Alex and Lola took a lot of naps together when he was tiny.

I try and give Kayla belly time for about 20 minutes every day. On this day she curled her legs under her and went to sleep. I guess she didnt feel like exercising.

Alex loves to hold Kayla and snuggle her for about 30 seconds and then he is done. It is pretty cute that he likes her so much.

We went to the zoo last week with my friend Christy, her daughter, and a little girl that she watches. This was the Grizzly bear caves and Alex loved the bears. We could have stayed with the bears all day long if it were up to him. He was hooting and hollering, and clapping his hands. When we got home he told dad all about the bear. It was swimming in water and blowing bubbles. He was soooo excited.

Alex likes to line his toys up all in a row, whether it be animals or cars they need to be in order. I found it interesting that he does this. Another interesting thing he does is at night when it is time for bed he has to have his blanket. It is yellow and blue on one side and plain yellow on the other side. He has to have the blanket on him with the yellow side facing up. He also hates to be dirty and makes us wipe his hands immediatly if he gets food or anything on them.

This morning Alex was laying on the floor in front of me while I was feeding the baby. He was being so quiet while he watched his cartoons. Then after about 10 minutes he popped his head up and it was covered in butt paste. Of course I had to grab a camera before I cleaned him up! What a mess it was trying to get that stuff off of him. It is soooo greasy.


Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

Kristina, she just gets cuter all the time, I love the messy picture with Alex, thank heavens for cameras!!!! Next time I get roped into a mural you will be the first one I call! Love ya, Deanne

The Neads said...

cute cute cute.. I agree with Deanne... she just gets more beautiful all the time.

Brian and Courtni said...

Happy "due date" day! She is looking so big...doesn't have a premie look to her or anything. Darling! I love the diaper cream all over Alex's face...I think every child at one time or another realizes how cool that is...we had it all over Brett's hair (and wall)--nice!

Tj said...


I'm finding everybody these days.. It looks like things are going great! At first glance I figured your son got into some whipped cream, when I read the Butt Paste I was rolling. Keep in touch.


Liz said...

She's soooo chunky now! :) I love those cheeks! :)

Gotta love the butt paste. ;0) At least it wasn't the prescription kind where you're out $30 when he does it!!! lol :)

The Clements Family said...

Kristina, Your kids are so cute! That is amazing it is only her due date. She looks older than a new baby. She is really beautiful! Talk to you soon! Megan

Woolstenhulme-4-ever said...

Ha Ha this is so funny, I love it!! I think it is so funny when kids do stuff like this