Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kayla's first Sunday to go to church!

The first picture was just a regular day but she was wearing such a cute dress. This was Kayla's first Sunday to go to church. I think she looked very cute. My friend Christy got me this cute little purple outfit and i think Kayla looks great in purple. I love the picture of Alex kissing her. He really likes his sister. He actually looks like he is going to kiss her and he sniffs her instead. Then he says "oohh. . .stinky! He says it even right after a bath when she smells delicious. The picture of her in the swing is kind of funny because she is on her stomach. She hates it right side up but will sleep on her stomach in the swing for hours. Grandma discovered this when she was watching her one night. Yay for Grandma's . . . I would have never thought of putting her in that way.


Brian and Courtni said...

SO cute and TINY! Both of your kids are just absolutely adorable!

Nichole Jolene said...

one great thing about girl babies. DRESSING THEM UP!! i'm sure there are many more, i just don't know them ... yet ;P

Nancy & Ty Mackey said...

completely adorable!