Friday, October 24, 2008

A whole lot of blog!

Daddy and Kayla snugglebugging!

I figured out a way to make clipping toenails and fingernails fun. Alex and I pretend that his hands are really yucky and the only way to get them all clean is to clip his nails. Well Alex took Eriks socks off and said "ooh yucky"! Then he ran to the kitchen to get something out of the junk drawer. We new he was looking for clippers and he came back with this tool. We were laughing histerically while he tried to clip Eriks toenails. It was pretty darn funny!

Alex and Kayla's cousins, Gavin and Blake, came over last weekend. They had a lot of fun playing in the yard. . . especially in the pile of leaves.

We went to the Apple Orchard last week and Alex had a great time. He still talks about it. He tells us about the park, and the apples, and the pumpkins. He talks about the tractor ride and the animals. He was the only toddler not too scared to feed the goats. Even the 4-7 year old kids were a little nervous to get their hands too close.

There was a playground at the Apple Orchard that Alex loved.

We took a hay ride around the orchard. Alex loved it because it was being pulled by a tractor. They had a lot of tractors there and Alex tried to count them as we went by.

Audrey came with us to the apple orchard. She really loves her grandkids! She and Kayla hung out together most of the day.

Alex was the only 2 year old on the haystack. The older kids were playing king of the hill and he was right in the middle of all the pushing and shoving. I got a little nervous but he had fun up there.

Alex decided to climb into is toybox and play. . . it was just another candid moment.

Alex has done this since he could get into the fridge. He opens it and sits in the bottom shelf. I love this one because he is wearing daddys shoes.


Kaspermania said...

This is so good....I think this is a classic. You should get an award for a picture like this!! It will be the picture you share when he has his first date....and also when he gets married.!!
Love your blog.

Liz said...

Sooooo cute. :) Love all the candid shots! And love yer family pics!! :) You guys are a beautiful family!!! :)