Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alex got tagged!

I get to pick 6 things about Alex to share with the rest of you!

1. Alex is the best 2 year old helper ever. If it is time to clean up he is right beside us picking up his toys and putting them away. If I pull out the broom to sweep he goes and gets one too and he sweeps away. The other day I was vacuuming and he got the broom out and swept the carpet right beside me. Also with laundry when I take a basket of clean clothes up to fold he follows me with a basket of dirty clothes. (yes it creates more work but I want him to know that it is good to help.) It is cute how he hauls the basket up 2 flights of stairs all by himself.

2. Alex is very particular about certain things. He has a blanket with blue on one side and yellow on the other. If you put it on him with the blue side up he will say "turn it around mom (or dad)" It has to be yellow facing up.

3. Alex loves water!!! I mean he LOVES water. At church this last sunday we stayed for a baptism. We bribed him with cookies to be good and it worked. . . until. . .they opened the doors to the font. He screamed, "water, water,. . .that way"! pointing to the water. I then had to explain that he could not go swimming at church! A lot of people who heard our conversation got a good laugh!

4. Alex adores his baby sister Kayla. 2 sundays ago he did not want to leave nursery and go home. He said "go away mom" He was having to much fun. So I said lets go see daddy. . ."no go away" then I said well Kayla needs you . . .so he said okay and came with me. If Kayla is crying he wants us to stop what ever we are doing and take care of her. He says "baby crying" . Even if I am putting him to bed and he doesnt want to go to bed he would rather me go and tend to her if she is crying. It makes bed time easier if she is crying! (erik you pinch Kayla while I put Alex to bed. . .just kidding)

5. Like Brett, (Courtni) Alex loves kids. He especially likes the older kids between the ages of 8 and 12. We went to a familys house from church for desert and there were no little kids. They were worried that Alex wouldnt have any fun. He was downstairs playing with all of the kids ages 8 to 17. He is very social but sometimes takes a minute to warm up. Once he warms up then who cares about mom and dad.

6. Alex also loves sports. He loves to throw the ball, kick the ball, dunk the ball in his hoop. We went to Erik's softball game one time and I had to take Alex away because he didn't want to watch. . . he wanted to play. He kept trying to run on the field. Can you blame him?

I tag Keayen, Haddie, Tally, Monika, Tayton, and Gavin (Rebecca you better get to work!)


The Neads said...

you brat... I blog the heck out of my kids. ok ok I will

Brian and Courtni said...

Funny about the "water" at the baptism. We had an exact experience when Brett was just about Alex's age...but Brett didn't notice the water until the man was baptized and then he went crazy. Didn't help the spirit much, but people had a good laugh :-)