Sunday, November 9, 2008

What happens when DAD babysits????

I was gone for about an hour, I can't remember where I was but these are the pictures that were taken while I was gone. Now we know what Dad's do when mom's arent around!

They leave the 2 year old in charge!


Kaspermania said...

Wow! Scary!! I would have died if I had been in the room watching those pictures being taken. You're to brave for me!!!
Pictures are cute....Especially the first one.

Tj said...

That's not true, we usually do much less than that :) said...

Those pictures are so cute!! I would have been nervous there but amazed when I saw them. Aharon and I are going to take the little trip. But he wants 2 nights and I think i can only handle one! It is so amazing that wer're thinking of adoption. I never would have thought of it but here I am. We dont even know yet if its possible yet but we think that if the chance arises that we will do it. Your babies are so amazingly cute!! Kayla is soo big!!