Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are sooooo behind on blogging pictures so I created several slide shows. There is tons of Easter pictures because we had 3 Easter egg hunts. The first one was with our friends from when we lived in Farmington. We met them at 11 on Saturday for a picnic, Easter games, and an Easter egg hunt. It was really fun to see our friends and let Alex run around with the other kids. The second hunt was Sunday morning. It was more intimate and probably one of my favorites. We had Erik's parents come over and we had a hunt just with Alex. He found a basket full of goodies and several Easter eggs. Then I made a yummy breakfast for all of us. Larrie and Audrey stuck around for awhile and then they had to leave to another Easter event. So we put the kids down for a nap. Then we went to our friends Rand and Victoria's for Easter dinner. They had yet another Easter egg hunt. There were several kids and they hid over 120 eggs. Alex is going to think Easter is better then Christmas at this point. We had a great Easter weekend, and why wouldn't we, we were able to spend it with a lot of great people.
There is a slide show of random photos ,and then 1 of Kayla eating and taking a bath. I also have one of the first time we took Alex bowling. He loved bowling. Some times I wondered if the ball would make it down the alley but he had a great time and that is all that matters. We went bowling with a bunch of moms from church and their kids. Alex didn't like taking turns. He was easily distracted.
I think that pretty much covers it. I couldn't leave any pictures out so you get them all! ENJOY!


Kaspermania said...

Hi Kristina,
I did see your pictures. Very fun. I think all of you girls did your fair share of easter egg hunt with your kids. No Easter bunny here. We so enjoy the pictures

Bryon And Hope said...

so your blog is looking hot but if you dont get rid of that music i may never come back to visit hahaha
Loves Hoper

The Peterson Family said...

Where are the Easter pictures that everyone is talking about, I would love to see them.