Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This winter I played in several Volleyball tournaments. It really helped the winter go by fast. We have our last tournament this weekend. I have had a lot of fun getting to know new girls and playing one of my favorite sports. It has been a nice way to get a break from everyday life. These area couple of pictures from the Duluth tournament. We ended up getting 3rd out of 20 teams. Not to bad. My husband and his parents came with us for the weekend. It was fun to have them all there watching. I love a good cheering section and they did a fabulous job!

This is me serving!

I actually got this block.


Kaspermania said...

Dad says what's with the crumpled up pink paper on your blog!!!????
I say...Nice pictures. I would love to go watch a volleyball game you are playing in when we get home. So save some energy for me! Don't waste it all up now.

Tj said...

I forgot you are a lefty.