Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Angry Indian!

Alex got this cute outfit in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Kasper. They are on a mission in India right now. So we got him already for church today and this is how he looked.

He wasnt too happy!
He didnt care much for the new outfit!

Okay, he hated it!

Sorry if this hurts your feelings grandma!

Trying to take it off!

Please MOM!

Get this thing off of me!

Needless to say we changed him after we were all ready for church. I think it scratched him a bit and he was irritated. So mom here are the pictures. . .this was the first time he wore and probably the last. I dont know if we will be able to convince him to put it on again. I told Erik before we change him we better get pictures. He did look cute but the yelling and crying was not fun.


Stacey said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOSH I AM ROLLING! Each picture is truly worth a thousand words! :) Poor Grandma!

Brian and Courtni said...

hahaha! that is so dang funny! i am by myself and totally laughing out loud! you couldn't stage a better photo!

btw, love your family pic at the top of your blog

Kaspermania said...

That is too funny!!!!
We laughed too! I'm glad you got least it fit!!
I bet he thinks you put a dress on him. When Porter and Keayen have their birthdays tell Tia to take a picture and blog it. Then show Alex and see if he wants to try it again. He can look cool just like Porter and Keayen.
Or Not.....we'll see.
Rebecca has one for Boston too! I think it's to big for him right now.

The Neads said...

I do have one for Boston and it just about fits him.. in a year or two... ha ha...
Keayen hasn't tried his on.. so needless to say I have no pictures yet.. we'll see.. I haven't really asked him to... just waiting to see if he puts it on himself.. :)

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

poor little guy, the terrible things that moms and gmas do to kids! This will be so funny for him to look at when he is 17, you are such a good daughter to show your mom how cute he looks, inspite of his definite disapproval! I loved it.