Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma P

If you ever come to our house when Grandpa and Grandma are visiting, dont be surprised to see Grandma holding Kayla. When Kayla had learned to crawl Grandma hadn't seen it because she never put her down. I think she loves having a grand daughter. . .or a girl period for that matter. Her kids are all boys and her grand kids are all boys too. . . . until Kayla came along!

Grandma is getting a work out from Alex.

If Alex likes something he will say "again , again!" So Grandma was doing this over and over again. She is holding him and twisting from side to side.

Alex adores Grandpa. He adores both actually. He gets so excited to see them. His face lights up and he yells their names. Then he runs and gives them big hugs.

Alex was so excited to see Grandpa on this day that he just sat and chilled with him.

A big hug for Grandpa!


The Neads said...

that is sooo sweet.. I am glad that your kids love their Grandma and Grandpa

Liz said...

Too cute! :D Alex is sure getting big! And Kayla's too darn cute! :D