Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Alex says the funniest things sometimes. The other day Erik got home and the battery in his truck died. Alex and I were outside playing when it happened. He said what happened dad, the truck is broke. Erik said yah, the battery broke. So Alex went inside got into the junk drawer, found a D battery and brought it to his dad. He said here dad, here is the battery for your truck! He is such a little thinker already.
Just before Alex put on Dad's big ole work boots he was giving him a back massage. Erik is training this kid right. I got home and Alex was massaging Erik. Now Erik is rolled over and fast asleep. He was exhausted. Well Alex had to put on dads boots and try walking in them. He did a pretty good job.

Jumping in his jumper. We pulled this out after our trampoline was stolen. Yes it was stolen. . . .we woke up one Sunday morning and we were loading in the car to go to church and there was something missing. So we figure it was done the night before but neither of really remember if it was there Sat. Oh well. He was happy to have the jumper outside instead of in the basement.

This is the crazy stuff he does in the jumper. Maybe he is a future WWF man. Who knows with this kid. He has so many interests in so many different things.


Nikia, May and the kids said...

They actually get more amusing the older they get. Dad's doing a good job training him young = )

Tj said...

Haha, did he knock himself out there at the end?

Great video! You're right, he looks ready for the WWE!

Brian and Courtni said...

haha -- love the videos of the kids. we need to live closer because our kids would SO get along! :-)

it was fun to see the funny video of kayla with her sweet potatoes, because i get to see her personality.

i still can't believe your tramp was stolen! good think you had a back up for him to jump on!

Dannel said...

Kristina- your family looked so amaizing in the temple!! I wish we could have taken pictures of you in there! ssssO Pretty! I wish I would have been able to hang with you tonight! :( For sure next time you come we are having a planned girls night!!! I'll plan it. Just let me know your next trip and I'll keep you posted on mine to MN. I love you, girl. Give everyone in your cute little fam a hug for me. BTW, I loved how Kayla showed her true DIVA colors today ;) She totally fits the Kristina mold :)


Dannel said...