Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Kayla loves to put shoes on her hands and crawl!

Kayla likes her dog! She climbed in with Lola while Lola was napping!

I left Kayla alone in her high chair while I was getting Alex ready for school. I forgot that she could reach the place mat and I set her sweet potatos far away from her, on the edge of the place mat. While I was upstairs getting Alex she was being so good. Usuallly she gets mad if we leave her in her chair too long. When I cam downstairs this is what I found!

Kayla turned 14 months this week. Nothing has really changes about her since 13 months. She still is refusing to take even a step alone, and she only has her 2 bottom teeth. She acts like she is teeting ALL OF THE TIME! I wish those darn teeth would just come in all ready. She is my independent child. She wants to feed herself all of the time, she wants to do everything herself, except for walk. Alex at this age was still wanting us to spoon feed him and hold his bottle for him.