Friday, February 12, 2010

Kayla is 18 Months/ Alex lost his tooth. . .not in a good way!

My baby is 18 months today! She is growing out of the baby stage and becoming a little girl. She is all girl too! She loves to sit and watch me get ready and I will use my makeup brushes on her eyebrows and cheeks and she loves it. If she finds a Barret she will try and put it in her hair saying "pe ee" She loves to do things that makes her pretty! If I give her a bath before bed I will blow dry her hair and she loves it. She loves getting all dolled up.

We finally got her some snow boots. I got a great deal at target this week on these boots. They were about 75% off. She LOVES her boots. After I put them on her she would not let me take them off. She is a size 4 and these are 6. We went to pick Alex up from school yesterday and while we were waiting I was talking to one of the other moms. Kayla kept pointing at her boots and saying "shoos. . .shoos" She wanted to show off her NEW shoes. She is such a funny character. She LOVES baby dolls! She will rock them and shush them, and hug and kiss them. She is a good little mommy. She likes to rough house and wrestle too, she is all girl with a little bit of tom boy to her. As long as it is all in fun. If she thinks I am getting hurt she will come and push the person away that is hurting me. She was with me at the Chiropractor last week and while he was adjusting me she was trying to push him away, while screaming at him. She was cussing him out good. She is definitely Mommy's girl but I could see that changing and her becoming daddy's girl. She does love her daddy. Right now she prefers mom. . . .unless Grandma Audrey is around. I am glad that she is still so attached to Grandma! I hope she always feels that way. Grandma always gets a warm greeting when she comes to visit. Squealing and laughing and cheering. Both kids get way excited to see her!
I tried to get a picture without the bottle but she was not letting that happen. She did not want the picture taken so I gave her the bottle to get her 18 month birthday pic in. I also did my 1/2 Year measurement. I have a wall that I mark every 6 months to see how tall they are. She is close to 30 inches. Alex was over 30 inches at 6 months. LOL She is my little petite peanut I love her so much and I am so grateful she is a part of our lives.


Erik and Alex were playing on Monday night and Alex collided with the cedar chest. It knocked his tooth almost out. We called several dentists and ended up talking to 3 total. They said to try and pop it back in. So we pinned the poor boy down and tried to pop it in twice. It would not stay up so we guessed it was broken . Tuesday morning we went to the dentist and they did an x-ray first. Sure enough it was broken. They said the best thing to do would be to remove it. So pretty soon we are holding him down while they numbed him with gel, then with the needle, then yanked the tooth out, and then stuffed it with a gauze of some sort. Poor little guy!
His first dental experience was so traumatic. I guess not his first. Our dentist has had him sit in the chair while they counted his teeth, and then another time they polished his top 4 teeth. I am sure getting him back to the dentist in the future wont be an easy task.

He is doing fabulous now. He is so cute even with the missing tooth. I will post some pics soon of him with the hole in his smile. He is adorable!


Liz said...

Poor little stinker!! :(

Can't believe how grownup Kayla is getting!!! :O