Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alex shaving/Kids dancing and more!

We got this shaving kit for $1. I saw at this Christmas time and almost got it for Alex but it was about $15 then. Well we went to good will and evidently Target takes there stuff, that doesn't sell, over to them. I got this kids shaving kit brand new, plus 3 pairs of shoes for Kayla that still had tags on it. I love finding really good deals! So, Alex was really excited to shave with dad.

I found this spider man shirt in a box while cleaning things out in the basement. Either my sister Rebecca or Tia left it the last time they came. Alex had it on first and then Kayla. She looks like a little rag a muffin. So cute! She would not let us take the shirt off of her. Alex wasn't happy that she had it on. He wanted it back!

We turned music on and let the kids dance! They had so much fun. In the last few clips Alex is dragging Kayla instead of dancing with her. He keeps knocking her down but she is having so much fun that she keeps going back for more. I can't upload long videos so there is several short clips!

This last clip is Alex and I doing the "ELEVATOR" I just learned how to do this last week. The kids can't get enough, especially Alex. Kayla is still a little fearful.


Liz said...

Too cute! :D Love the shaving bit...they grow up way too fast!!

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

great dancing!!! And you are an amazing acrobat, that helicopter was terrific! looks like you were having a lot of fun

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