Friday, August 13, 2010

Washington County fair!

We went to the Washington County fair and it was a good time. I LOVE fair food! So bad for you, but it tastes SO good! We had a really good time. We ran into our friends, Dan, Christy, and there daughter Alaina! Then we followed them around the rest of the time we were there. Alex loved the mini golfing, he played 2 times. it is fun to watch him play! he cracks me up. He drags the ball along more than he hits it. At one point I told him we were not on a driving range. he was full on swinging at the golf ball. Kayla fell asleep on the way to the fair so she slept the first hour we were walking around. When she woke up we took them to the giant slide. Alex went down the slide 3 times and Kayla went down twice. They both loved the big slide! Kayla kept stealing everybodys sunglasses. She is in the "its mine" stage. Evidently everything belongs to her!

If you can enlarge this one do it. Alex's face is pretty priceless. This was his first time down the slide.
Mine, Mine, Mine! (mommys sunglasses)

Kayla and Dan! She has his sunglasses on!

Lovin' the slide!


Golf Pro!

He always wins!