Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas(belated) and January!

Santa comes to Grandpa and Grandma Kasper's house every year on Christmas eve. The kids are looking for him. They go downstairs, upstairs, to the back door and to the front door looking for him. It is a very fun tradition!

I think the older kids see Santa!

Alex is joining in the fun. He is doing a lot of running back and forth while the older kids stay put longer.

Uncle Kelly and Aunt Tia were helping the kids find Santa.

Santa finally made it. Alex loved Santa and showed no fear.

This is when Santa first came through the door. . . I mean down the chimney . . .

I don't know why I added the top of his head. I think he is cute from all angles. . . I must be the mom!

Alex finally got to sit on Santa's lap. He isn't scared just thinking about what he wants for Christmas!

He was so excited to open his presents. He didn't care what he got.

YEAH! Pajamas! Just what he wanted!

Baby Kayla taking a turn on Santa's lap!

Family shot!

Erik and Matthew being Dorks!

My babies with Santa!

More of the big Dorks!
All of the grand daughters that came to the Kasper Christmas party!

All of the Grand Sons that came. Alex did not want his picture taken!

So much better. All 3 smiling. It was a miracle to get this shot!

All of the grand kids together. Alex was done with the pictures. He is on top of the couch pouting.

Still pouting~

Cool car! Mom got this for dad a couple of years ago for Christmas. It is a 58 Chevy. . . Dads dream car. Dad had this car as a youngster and always dreamed of owning one again. Mom surprised him with it a couple of years ago. They had it painted and this is the finished product.

This is January pictures! Alex adores Kayla, and she adores him. If he gets close to her she gives him the biggest grin. They are going to be good buds!

She looked so peaceful so I had to take a picture. The flash ended up waking her up. It was worth it.

Happy Baby Kayla!

These are just a few video clips of the kids. You can see how much Kayla and Alex adore each other. In one of them Alex is telling me to push it. I was filming this with our regular camera and he wanted me to push the button and take the picture already!


Tj said...

Great pics, glad to see you got your camera back.

Ty & Nancy Mackey said...

Love the video (because it's true to life! lol) lots of cute pictures, and memories!

Kaspermania said...

I don't know which pictures I liked the best.....The kids were so darn cute...and I imagined how it would have been to be looking for Santa with them.
We really liked the pictures of our car! It's awesome huh??? Dad said, "I can't look....I can't look. Don't show me." But he loved it...So fun...thanks...

Melissa said...

thats so fun you still carry on the tradition of santa on christmas eve! i haven't sat on santas lap since the last time at grandma and grandpas. my kid has. but not me. and i can't believe how much matt and my dad look a like. am i just wierd or do you see that to?