Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids playing!

Look I am trying to crawl mom!

I am just happy to be alive. Kayla is trying really hard to move around the floor. Soon she will be crawling all over the place. The other day she rolled about 10 feet.

Alex stacked these boxes all by himself so he could reach the top of the counter.

No pictures DAD!

Look, I have reached the the top of the counter and I have taken moms stuff for cooking!

Now I am using them as drums!

Cookie time! Dad gives me cookie time more then mom wants him too! "dad is great. . . .he gives me chocolate cookies. . . " (bill cosby)

Mommy and daddy just got home from a dinner date and mommy is greeting me! BIG SMILES for mommy!


The Neads said...

Cute cute cute.. your kids are so cute and fun... Alex is funny... my kids do the same thing stacking boxes or whatever to reach things..

Jen said...

Are you putting Miracle Grow on that baby's head? I am so jealous. :o) Ours is finally starting to sprout some.
What a cutie!

Kaspermania said...

Careful of a boy who is ingenious enough to stack boxes to get where he needs to go....You better stay on your toes!!!
Loved the picture of you, Audry and cute...

Brian and Courtni said...

what is the deal with diaper boxes? seriously, they were brett's favorite thing as well. (and dad's are good at cookie time...good thing moms are adding fruit and veggies to the diet!)

Stacey said...

I LOOOVE the video's! I wish they were LOOONGER!! His deep voice & her giggles...oh my gosh...I can hardly stand it!

I can't believe all her hair! Remember to save some of Alex's when you cut it for the first time!

Love you guys...Stacey