Friday, February 20, 2009


(Left to Right) Jen C., Karen, Candace, Jen F., Kristina, and Karin.

(Left to Right) Jen C., Kristin, Candace, Kristina, Molly, Jen, Kari. (alex is the guy at the bottom trying to get mom to hold him.

This winter we put together a volleyball team to play in tournaments on weekends. The original team is Candace, Jen C., Jen F., Karen, Myself, and Darlene. Darlene is preggers so she is done with tournaments this winter. We pick up subs for those who can not make the tournament. These 2 pictures are of our 2 winning teams so far. We have played in about 6 tournaments and we won 1st place in the last two. The cool think about it is that we started off kind of weak finishing in 3rd place. We either have matched the place or moved up. We got 2nd place before our 1st place winnings. If we win we get money back from the tournament. IT costs 150 dollars to play so if you get first you get it all back and if you get 2nd you get half of it back. It is fun no matter what place we get. The tournaments are on Saturdays and they start at about 9 a.m. We play all day until 5 or 6 and even past 7 in the evening. It is fun to get together with the girls and have a girls day out doing something I absolutely love. Erik brought the kids to the last tournaments as you can see Alex's head is in the picture. Not much fun to watch because he is chasing kids more then he is watching the games. Anyway, I decided to write something about me since I always write about our wonderful children. I hope you all aren't too bored!


Melissa said...

fun.... altough volleyball is one of my least fav. sports. i think cause i don't know how to hit the ball correctly and it kills my arms! and kayla is a doll. i can't believe what six months does to kids! they go from so small to huge in just that short time. to bad we don't live closer i would of came and taken her pic for you!

Brian and Courtni said...

that is awesome that you are still doing stuff like that -- you definitely deserve some "me time!"

manda carol said...

Hey good for you! Congrats on doing so well in the tournaments!

Salisbury said...

I really wish I could come out and play!!! Hey how do I down load video stuff? It say find plugin service. I have not figured out how to watch videos on my computor. Any Ideas?