Sunday, June 7, 2009

Alex's birthfamily!

Alex's birth mom and biological brother and sister came and visited him last week. The pictures are all mixed up. For some reason they are not being loaded in the same order that I uploaded them.

We went to K-mart so they could get him a present. . . he got a tool kit set. He LOVES it! He has played with every day since he got it.
Here is his safety goggles They called him scuba Steve! LOL

Helping dad put the tool set together.

Posing with the box before we put it together. He was so excited to put it together.

Hanging on the trampoline

Miss Kayla being cute as always!

Stacey is behind Kayla. She is Alex's birth mom!

This is Regan and Christian. . . Alex's biological brother and sister. Regan is only 12 and Christian is about 14 or 15. It gives me an idea of how big Alex is going to be. He is going to be one big boy!. Christian is already 6' 2" and Regan is like 5'7" ish.

The stroller was meant for Kayla but Alex LOVED it and plays with it all the time. Good practice for being a good dad I guess. We put a stuffed animal in it for him to push around and care for.

I know some people find it strange that we have them come visit but it isn't strange to us. It is very comfortable and we figure how can a child be loved tooo much? They can't. They adore him and I love that. I also love that they adore our new addition Kayla! When they come I feel like our good friends are coming to see the kids. They don't step on any toes and they let us be mom and dad. The adoption world isn't what it was years ago. It is more common to have open adoptions. It is up to the birth family and the adoptive family to decide how open they want to be. I love Stacey! I met her long before she was pregnant with Alex. The way things worked out was not by mistake. . . the Lord played a big role in making it happen. I think about my life and the different things that have happened. When Erik said we were moving to Minnesota I was not happy! I was very irritated and angry! I went because it was what we needed to do to make a living. I was miserable for awhile because I didn't embrace the situation and jump in with a good attitude. As I adjusted I was learning to love it. Now if given the opportunity to move back I don't thing I would. I really have changed my attitude. Okay. . . so I have a point! Had we not moved to MN, I never would have met Stacey. . . .are you seeing where I am going with this! If I didn't meet Stacey she wound not have place Alex with us! Secondly if we were not in MN when Kayla's birth mom was looking to place she would not have selected us. She wanted someone from Minnesota. Looking back, I now know it wasn't by mistake that we moved here. It was inspiration. . . I am just glad Erik was open to listen to the inspiration while I was dragging my feet all the way to Minnesota. So if you want to think it is weird that we have visits from Alex's birth family that is your prerogative. What matters is how we feel and how Alex feels! I write this to try and help people understand that it is okay. I hear more and more about adoptions that are as open as ours. It is the new NORM!


The Neads said...

your kids are getting so big.. I noticed Alex's long legss right away... he is going to be huge.. that is good though.. cuz then I won't be the only one with gargantuous boys :).... I think it nice the relationship you have with Alex's birth parents

Ty & Nancy Mackey said...

I love it! He is going to be so secure- so many people to love him! It's wonderful!

Liz said...


Yer right...there's never such a thing as 'too many' people loving your kids. :D It does my heart good to see other people with the same or 'similar' situations of adoption as we have with our boys! Good job & good luck in the future with your other biological families...

Nichole said...

you are truly blessed! and one amazing mama...keep up the great work

manda carol said...

That is so amazing. I think it's great that you guys have such a great relationship with the birth family and that it works so well for you. That's what is so great about adoption these days, that families can choose what will work for them. Looks like a fun visit!

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

great pictures, how fun to be able to get a look into the future and see what Alex might look like. The kids are growing like weeds, I love you kiddo.