Friday, June 26, 2009


I took these with my phone because I couldn't find the camera.

There is a reason that I am blogging this quilt. I have been working on it for over 8 years. I bought the colored squares at deseret industries over 8 years ago with the intention of making a quilt. It didn't happen. For the past 5 years or so I have been collecting Erik's work Jeans as he threw them away. I would wash them and the cut them into squares. Finally I had a enough to make a quilt. I sewed up all the squares about a month or so ago and then I had to decide who to give the quilt to. I decided that this would be the perfect Fathers day present. Erik gave me a hard time because the last quilt I made I gave it away. He doesn't like to see all that hard work go away I guess. So then I just needed to buy the backing and the batting. I went to the store hoping to find a good deal on the backing. I found a light weight corduroy for $2.00 a yard. I thought. . .that isn't too bad I will take it if there is enough. I needed at least 8 yards. Well the lady measured it out and it was exactly 8 yards. $16.00 was pretty good. Well when she ran through the scanner it was 1/2 off. . .so I got it for $1.00 a yard. It was the exact measurement at the perfect price. I had a few days to make the quilt and I decided I was going to use my fancy sewing machine to bind it instead of tying it. . . .big mistake. I got it all done and then I sewed up all the edges. I HATED IT! I couldn't give Erik this gift and I certainly didn't want to claim that I had done it. . . so guess what I did. . . .I unstitched the entire thing and started over. I had to go to Home Depot and get 4 boards so I could tie the quilt. Lucky for me my cousin Whitney was here and her grandma who is my aunt taught us both how to sew. I think Whits mom taught her some and my mom taught me some. Point being she knew how to tie a quilt. So we got to work. Well when we finally met in the middle I realized she had doubled the yarn and I had not. Oh . . . my. . . heck! Can't I do anything right with this quilt. So I undid all of my half and redid it. Well tonight I finished the edging and decided to take a picture of the finished product. This thing is huge. It is bigger than a King. Just slightly though! If I would have done it right the first time then it would have been done days ago. . .but I didn't. When I get in a hurry, I get flustered and can't think straight. I am so glad Whit was here to help me figure it out. I hope Erik likes it. I figure it will make the perfect drive in movie quilt, or camping, or hang out side with the kids on the lawn, or just put on the bed in the middle of winter. It is heavy and warm. It reminds me of my dads Levi quilt that my mom made for him. I loved that quilt. . .it was and still remains one of my favorites.


Kaspermania said...

What a nice present for Erik. I did several levi quilts but for some reason everyone always went for dad's quilt. It was so heavy!! They are the best kind of quilts to have....unless you are in India and there is never a need for a quilt on your bed....The sheets are to heavy here!!
I admire your deligence in doing and redoing the quilt!! You 2 little sewing girls did a great job. I think the quilt looks very good. I like your pattern!!

The Neads said...

I would have left it the first time.. I guess I would say oh well.. it works as a blanket no matter how it looks :) you are better at that than me... good for you..

manda carol said...

Amazing quilt! I can't believe you had to go through so much to get it finished. I bet you guys make a lot of fun family memories with it though.