Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kayla is 10 months!

I had pictures and videos uploaded and the my computer decided to freeze! So I am going to just talk about miss Kayla. I will post the videos and pictures later!
Kayla turned 10 months yesterday! Wow! I can not believe it. These are some things she is doing right now.

1~She is crawling everywhere. . she figured out that she could climb the stairs on her own.

2~She pulls herself up on furniture and walks along it. Then she gets nervous because she hasnt figured out how to get down. . . so she yells for help until help arrives.

3~She is Grandma's girl! Most of the time if Grandma is around she doenst want "anybody" else! It is a very cute. . .I will reach for her and then she turns her head with the biggest smile and trie to climb up grandma's shoulder with her legs kicking a hundred miles an hour. Then she turns back towards me and I reach for her again. . . . we could play this game all day!

4~She is starting to copy a lot of different noises that me make. She says mama and dada!

5~She still has no teeth. . . not one! She has acted like she is teeting since 4 months. . . it is off and on. . . lots of drool, and gumming objects!

6~She eats everything we give her (maybe she will rub off on Alex). . . last week she decided she doesnt like the baby pureed food. She wants what we are eating, so I have been giving her small pieces of our food. She does really well with everything. She gums it just enough to be able to swallow it.

7~She is a people person. She hasnt really hit the "only want mommy or daddy phase" She will go to anyone! (unless grandma is around) Sometimes she will hear my voice and want to come back, but for the most part she is content with anyone willing to hold her.

8~She does not sleep through the night. . . well she did last night. . maybe she will tonight too. It is 3 a.m. and she is still sleeping. . .maybe we have fixed that problem. . .cross your fingers! (Alex woke up crying about an hour ago and I couldnt fall back to sleep) SO I am blogging!

9~She still hates the car. That has not changed since we brought her home. She cries almost everytime we go anywhere! I am hoping when we turn her around that she will be a happier, more content baby! 2 more months!

10~She adores her big brother Alex. He can make her laugh better then anyone! I love that they like each other so much. He is really good to her for the most part (except when she plays with his toys) I hope their relationship stays like this through the years!

So there are 10 things about the going on's of Kayla. One for each month of her little life!

Kayla is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world! (I may be biased but that is how I feel) We are so lucky to have her. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives. Kayla we love you and wish you a happy 10 months!


The Neads said...

wow you should have called me last night.. I was up with Monika first.. then I got up for Keayen because he makes lots of noise when he needs to go to the bathroom.. and then by the time I about fell asleep Natalyah decides that she needs to go and she doesn't want to get out of bed so she just starts crying because she is going to wet the bed.. so I grab her and get her into the bathroom and she wets on the floor... nasty.. then right when my head hits the pillow Boston wakes up.. it was awful.. and Kelly was at work.. so no help there.. we could have chatted at 2 in the morning

Cody and Jill said...

well Happy 10 months Kayla wow that has gone fast can't wait to see more pictures of the cute little girl!

Royce and Deanne Wooly said...

Happy 10 months little sunshine girl! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from me!

Kaspermania said...

It is amazing to me that she has grown to be 10 months without me!!! Where did the time go? You could have emailed me....Oh....I was teaching a piano lesson and lending my listening ear to those who need a listener.
I did miss the pictures...I look forward to seeing my grandchildren!! I still say thank goodness for Blogging!!!

Brian and Courtni said...

love the 10 things about kayla...funny how they all come with their own little personalities, likes, and dislikes. so glad you have her!

Melissa said...

so cute. and i think it is soooo awesome that you have a relationship that is open with his birth mom. i agree why not let everybody love the little man!

Liz said...

Happy 10 months! :D Has it really been that long?! Have you guys already been to the temple?! Congrats Kris! :D

Woolstenhulme-4-ever said...

Ohmy heck Kayla is getting huge. I have not seen pictures for ever. She is so cute. I think it is awesome that you are able to have Alex's birth mother stay in touch!

Woolstenhulme-4-ever said...

Hey, that is so fun Whit will be there today! Well It prob. does not show I have updated because I'm private. I don't think it can show my status because then anyone can read it! Silly girl....