Sunday, August 30, 2009

Idaho Fun Part Deux!

On Sunday while I was out in Idaho we went to my Aunt Cheryls for a pot luck dinner. This was not everyone. My Aunt Janell, and Uncle Kent were there. Cousins Hope, Bryon, and Whitney were also there. Aunt Doris was there and Aunt Gaylene and Uncle James too. I think pretty much every one else is in the pictures. Sorry if I missed someone. We were lucky because it was kind of a rainy day. We had our dinner, then we hung out by the fire for awhile. . . .then a storm snuck up on us really fast and we all went inside. It was so fun to get together with everyone and catch up. I wish I lived closer so I could keep up with everyone. We need to plan more family get togethers when we come home!
Here we all are! L -R
Gill, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Bill, Chelsea, Me, Kayla, Jill
Front---Rebecca, Boston, and Terry
We roasted marshmallows and just hung out around the fire!

Everyone LOVEd miss Kayla! She was such a sweet heart!

Tyler hanging out with Rebecca's baby Boston. (and yes he is always that happy)

Cody was throwing the football around with Keayen and Kelly!

Keayen. . . like father like son! (His dad played college football)


The Neads said...

I am going to steal some of those pics.. you are so good at taking pictures I just forget to bring the camera or bring it and forget to take pics... either way I don't get pics..

That was fun to look at.. Thanks

The Clements Family said...

It looks like you had so much fun. I HAVE to see you when you come back in October (right?). I would love to see your kids and meet that cute little Kayla.

Cody and Jill said...

it was way fun and hang out Kayla was such a fun girl to hold and watch made me even more ready and wanting Trey to be here

Kaspermania said...

Family get together with not me!!!!
That did look way fun! Makes me excited to come home....only I know there will not be green grass...Only WHITE SNOW!!!!! hmmmmmmmm....maybe I should have extended for 6 months