Tuesday, August 18, 2009


BFF's at the zoo. This is Kayla and Ava hanging out at the zoo. Ava was adopted by one of my best friends about 7 weeks after Kayla! They are so dang cute!
They are looking at the fish swimming around in the grizzly bears water.


At the zoo there is a little fountain area where the kids play in the water. Everyone brings their suits and gets soaked. It is perfect for those really hot days. I rarely go to the zoo in the summer so I didn't even think to bring Alex's suit. Well when I told him he could go play in the water, I helped him take his shirt off. When I turned my back he started taking off the rest of his clothes. I was dying. . . .laughing! I made him put his shorts back on!

This was Kayla right when we got to the zoo! She is such a happy girl!