Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Recents!

We went to the car show down in North St. Paul. Mostly to get out and get some fresh air on this rainy day! The kids loved it.

Alex is eating his popcorn. As long as he has popcorn he is happy.

Kayla is holding her shoe. We can not keep them on her feet. . .her socks either. She likes to be barefoot!

Whitney pushes the kids. . . we are going to miss her when she leaves. She goes back on Monday. :(

Alex playing at the beach in Nisswa, MN!

Kayla was eating the sand!

A friend of mine from my mission came to minnesota a week or so ago. She was with one of her old college friends helping her out with her baby. They had to go to Nisswa MN for work. Well after spending a great day with my friend golfing and going out for sushi they headed up north. Then I got a call from them. They were in a ginourmous cabin and wanted to make good use of it. So they invited us to come up and stay. So Whitney, Alex, Kayla, and I went up there. (Erik had to work) It was a lot of fun. Alex and Kayla played on the beach. The resort had a pool with a water slide too. So we went down the slide at least a hundred times. I went down with alex and Kayla. They both loved it. I wasn't sure what Kayla would think but she loved the water. Both of my children are little fish!

I showed Kayla the piano and she loved it so I put her in her booster seat right next to it. She had a ball playing.

These flowers are from my garden. . . I am proud that I actually grew them!

Kayla being cute!

Kayla was playing with her plate after lunch. I liked this one of her hiding behind it.

She has the cutest little smile. She is such a happy little girl!

On the way home from the car show tonight I turned the radio on and Kayla started dancing. So I told Whitney to grab the camera and record her. Alex thought Kayla was hilarious!


Bryon And Hope said...

thanks for the update how fun....

Kaspermania said...

That was so sweet to hear his little laugh....She sure played on making him laugh!!!! What cuties....I'm sure lucky to have such cute grandkids....
Looks like you are having such a good summer. You'll miss Whitney. Maybe you ought to find a way to keep her!!!