Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trip to Idaho! (birthday party and rafting)

The pictures from the rafting were taken off of my facebook so they are a little small. If you want to see them bigger you can look at facebook. . . if you are my friend. HA! LOL We went rafting on Saturday evening. . . it was soooooo much fun.

Monika is in front of the babies. SHe is sooo cute. . . I LOVE those curls!

Kayla loved Boston. She would pat his head 2 times and rub and then repeat. She was so funny!

Such a raga a muffin. We got up on Saturday and lazed around after the party the night before. SO Kayla's hair is looking a little crazy!

Blowing out the candles!

TIa and I being sang at!

Tia and Rebecca dancing and being silly!

More silliness!

Tyosn and Jared singing "i'm too sexy" Jared is Tia's hubby. Tyson is his friend. We went to school with Tyson. . .and he and I ended up serving in the same mission. Cool guy!

A bunch of us sang "ain't no mountain high enough"

Matt and Wendy! (Matt is my brother and wendy is his Fiance)

Misty and Me. Misty and I were room mates in college.

Me and Rebecca. (little sister)

Tia and Chris singing Karoke. Seth is on the left side he is my nephew. Chris is my older, oldest brother!

So here is my week in a nut shell. I flew in on Thursday and flew out on Tuesday. I played Volleyball everyday but Sunday, we went river rafting. Rebecca threw us a huge party with Karoke and dancing. The party was planned before I got there so it was planned mostly for Tia. I didnt mind it being something she would enjoy more then me. I had a lot of fun visiting with friends and family while they danced and sang. I did sing a few Karoke songs though.. . . I know , SHOCKER! My Aunt had a BBQ on sunday afternoon and there were a lot of relatives there. It was so fun to go home and visit everyone. I can't wait for next time!


The Neads said...

well I never thought you and Tia looked alike until I looked at you guys blowing out the candles... THAT'S TWINS IF I HAVE EVER SEEN THEM!" HA HA
It was fun to see you and hang out with ya.. miss ya lots

Nikia, May and the kids said...

I don't think it's poosible for you to have a bad day. you always look like youre having a blast. happy bday!

Kaspermania said...

Loved the pictures. IT made me feel like I was there!!! Sure looks like you had a lot of fun.
Did you just announce that Matt's engaged?????????
Everyone said you wore them out. I think they are glad when you go home so they can get some rest....You wear them all out!!!
Slow down girl!!!!!

Cody and Jill said...

it was great to finally meet in person and hang out. Kayla was such a fun girl to hold and play with thanks for letting taker her off your hands.

Brian and Courtni said...

so fun! glad you had a good time and a great birthday! i didn't know you were still in touch with tyson -- haven't seen him since the mission. tell him hi if you talk to him!

sorry i have been so out of touch...we finally have internet again so i have to play catch up -- on my blog and everyone elses!!